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Project Description
A pure library for accessing the objects that make up the amBX pc ambience effects controller API.

To run this project you'll need to install the amBX driver system, downloadable at

You'll also want to get the amBX developer SDK, at

If you don't have an actual amBX device, you can use the Virtual amBX Test Device (part of the SDK) to visualize the effects you're generating. Not quite the same as the real thing, but it works.

Be aware that the test project is compiled as an x86 project (32bit). If you compile it as x64 or "Any CPU", the resulting executable will likely not run under a 64bit os (I haven't tried it, but with all the low-level stuff going on, a failure wouldn't surprise me).

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

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